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We provide health & safety advice and management services, risk assessment, on-set safety supervision, training and safety planning assistance for all kinds of film, television and entertainment industry productions. We can help in pre-production, during the production run and at short notice should issues arise. Our Services


Risk assessment

A vital part of health & safety

A large part of our business is carrying out risk assessments for our clients. Much of this work is carried out on location, usually on technical recce’s or at the request of producers, line producers and production managers


Enabling competence

We provide bespoke training for all persons from senior management to new entrants to the industry to ensure they are equipped with the level of knowledge they need to carry out their roles safely


Running a safe production

We assist production companies with their health and safety policies and procedures, contractor pre-vetting, risk assessment and location safety supervision to help their productions run smoothly and with minimum disruption

Professional and qualified health & safety advice is a phone call away

Contact me now for immediate assistance – if I am able to answer the phone I will help, or leave a message and I’ll call you back as soon as possible!

Jim Ranyard – 07768 900033


Our Mission…

Action Safety’s mission is to help productions, production companies and individuals carry out their health and safety duties competently and adequately, producing only relevant paperwork, with a minimum of disruption to the production process. We believe that health and safety activity can be included in the daily routine without making it a big deal, at the same time reducing the risk of accidents and ill health at work and fulfilling the requirements of the law.

The documents we produce for our clients are succinct and user friendly, without all the unnecessary gobble-de-gook often seen on some health and safety paperwork. They contain only relevant information and that which is required by health & safety law, not pages and pages of non-essential trivia in order to justify a high cost (all our charges are reasonable!).

We aim to enable all persons involved in a production to work safely and within the law while not over-burdening them with legislation and unnecessary restrictions. We understand budgetry constraints and aim to balance the needs of the production with current legislation and best practice, advising our clients where compromises can and can’t be made.

In case you were wondering, here’s our pricing policy…

We don’t charge massive retainer fees – we only charge a reasonable daily or hourly rate for the work we actually do! Nor do we charge for health and safety information that is freely available from the HSE and other institutions!

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