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Life after the Lockdown

Hopefully we will soon be able to resume production when the lockdown starts to be eased. There will be numerous obstacles to overcome in order to work safely on set, both in the studio and on location. We are currently carrying out research and working with industry partners to determine the safest ways of working, but there can be no definitive plan for drama production at this stage as no government guidelines and rules have been issued. Companies currently working during the pandemic providing essential news and current affairs programming have stringent safety protocols in place. We will be looking at these over the next few weeks to see what can be applied to drama and feature film production, and formulating the basis of a risk assessment system to ensure productions can start up again in a safe and controlled manner.

Set Construction

Drama productions and others building sets in studios or on location must ensure the set build complies with the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015. We are still seeing sets built with no reference to these regulations and no supporting documentation. We can assist you with the appropriate process to ensure compliance – we will shortly be issuing a resource pack for our clients and others that will provide all the information, forms, systems and procedures to make it as easy as possible to comply. Productions are advised that non-compliance with these regulations may result in a production being halted and the production company prosecuted by the HSE.


Leaving the EU will not immediately cause any changes to health & safety requirements. All health and safety law is likely to come under review during the trade negotiations up to December 31st 2020 and inevitably there will be some changes – we will keep you posted about how this will affect the film and television industry. In the mean time we need to carry on as before.