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Health & Safety Training

An important part of health and safety is training – we can’t expect people to be safety aware at the level needed at work unless we tell them about what is required of them and give them practical, useful help in complying with legislation and industry best practice. By delivering relevant, effective safety training we can help to reduce the number of accidents and safety related incidents in the work place.

Action Safety provides tailor made training courses for all levels, from CEO’s and managing directors to trainees and work experience people. Relevant, specific information is delivered to each candidate that is directly applicable to their responsibilities and work activity. All training is hands-on as far as possible (no boring lectures), giving guided practical and useful information and experience to each person that will enhance their knowledge of the subject and allow them to develop a safe working attitude. We work with you to devise the content of every course to ensure the maximum benefit is obtained by your candidates and your company

Courses can be delivered at any location with a suitable learning environment: your company HQ or production base, or any other mutually agreeable location. Costs are dependent on requirements and complexity of the course, but we aim to be competitive while providing highly relevant, useful and practical information.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.